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Visiting Wakayama ICOM’s factory

Visiting Wakayama ICOM’s factory At the main gate of Wakayama Icom Co., Ltd., from left to right, JA3ULS Mr. Kimura, Mr. Naret, Mr. Saran

Mr. Kimura of JAULS (XU7AKJ), who was introduced in this month’s HAM in July 3, is currently assigned to Phnom Penh, Cambodia again as a member of the JICA Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. IN MID-APRIL, PROFESSORS SARAN (MEAS SARAN AND SRUN CHANNARETH), PROFESSORS OF THE NATIONAL POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE OF CAMBODIA (NPIC), VISITED WAKAYAMA ICOM CO., LTD. (ARITAGAWA-CHO, ARITA-GUN, WAKAYAMA PREFECTURE). Source from FBnews